Sunday, July 12, 2009

Whispered prayers

I light a candle and whisper a prayer.

In the quiet depths of my heart, I recognize your sadness, your unbearable suffocation. My heart breaks for you, setting loose a thousand emotions. And I watch as the countless feelings contained within my whispered words float on a prayer, and are carried gently by the thin threads of the blue gray smoke of the candle wafting its way toward you. They glide gently in the air, crossing the distance between us, reaching you when I cannot.

In the empty loneliness you feel they find you. They uncoil and unravel around you. Whispered words of a whispered prayer, they comfort you. My love wraps itself around you. They promise to protect you.

I light a candle and whisper a prayer, knowing deep within my heart that even despite the large distance between us, when my prayer finally reaches you, you will be okay.

~vagabond~ © 2009


Inner Vision said...

well written as usual...and welcome back ...nice to have you back.

green pirate toy said...

Beautiful :)
havn't seen you updating your blog since a while..hope everythng is fine at your end!

Vamsee said...

It is so good to see you back in the blog world, but your post makes me feel very sad.
I hope everything is OK with you and your loved ones.

Adi said...

melancholious. Must've been a poem.

bindu said...

Beautiful words. I hope all is well?

alok said...

glad to see you back with a very beautifully written post.

I believe for everything in life there is something, or probably there is only thing which may not give anything but the power within and that is called the prayers.

You have a great weekend.

Anil P said...

Melancholy. Beautifully written.

~vagabond~ said...

@Inner vision:
thanks for your encouraging words as always. :)

@Green pirate toy:
Didnt know you were a regular reader...thanks for finally leaving a comment. :)

Thanks for the kind okay...the post was just born out of a feeling of utter helplessness at not being able to be there for a loved one going through a difficult time.

Not a poem. Just a regular outpouring of my heart.

Thanks. All is well. Or will be soon. Just needs time.

Glad to see you here again. And yes, I too believe in the strength of a prayer from the heart.

Thanks. :)