Monday, March 10, 2008

Crappy, crappy day

I feel absolutely miserable. :( I want to crawl into my bed, curl up in fetal position and have a good cry.

It was my first day of my clinical rotations today, and talk about everything that could go wrong going wrong. I showed up LATE for my clinicals on the FIRST day. Who does that?! I swore I would never be THAT person. I woke up this morning to a gigantic headache (I think I'm down with a bug and there couldnt be more wrong timing for this), it snowed enough to build a snowman on my car the night before, the roads were icy, I parked in the wrong parking lot, almost had my car towed before I was able to get it to the right parking lot, had a photo ID taken where I look racoon eyed and horrible, and spend my day having an awful case of nervous jitterbugs on my first day to work. And I actually want these guys to hire me after I'm done with the rotations?! I wouldnt hire me right now! I really need a job after this to start paying my student loans and I'm supposed to be doing an outstanding job so that they'll want to hire me or they'll give me these really nice recommendations that can get me a job elsewhere and instead I ended up looking like a ditzy blonde on her first day at work. I am so majorly pissed at myself, so dissapointed with everything, and I need today to just end.

Oh, and did I mention I drove down the wrong way on a one -way?! Yeah. That's a whole time low even for me.

UPDATE: Erm. I feel foolish about my dramatic outburst. They did like me after all. And I did get the job. Despite all that^ :D

Monday, March 3, 2008

Then and Now...

Last week would be the week I warned people about. The week that I would be walking around the campus dressed like a bag lady, scraggly haired, and bleary eyed. Did you see me? You probably smelt me before you saw me. Yup. That was me, wafting through the crowd in that heady mixture of overdue laundry spritzed with febreeze and some over-ripe fruity perfume. I had this hazy, dazy confused look on my face, and I snapped your head off for trying to make small talk with me. Remember? You started to talk about the weather, and I glared at you like that girl from the Exorcist, flung my short notes in your face and started randomly spitting out medical jargon at you. Yup. That would be me. Last week. Exam week. And not just any set of exams. Those were THE EXAMS. The final FINAL ones. You know, the last ones before I start my clinical rotations in a week. The very last final, final exams.

Aah! That was the good ol’ over-caffeinated last week.

But this is a new week. This would be the week I said I’d sit on the couch in front of the TV and not budge. Randomly flip the channels to watch every senseless show ever aired on TV. Still bleary eyed, and scraggly haired. Except this is for a much better cause. Endless TV that requires no thinking.

*stretching out lazily on the couch and giving a deep sigh of contentment*

My brain feels liberated.