Saturday, May 24, 2008

In life, go right, then go left, then right some more.

Why can't we just spend an eternity living life exactly as we want to, doing just what we want?

Shouldnt life really be about truely living and not just surviving? When did it all become about making ends meet and doing what was expected of me? Whatever happened to purposeful living and not being stuck in a rut? When did I lose my idealism and settle down instead for a dose of reality? Whatever happened to waking up with a zest for life and making dreams happen?

I want to.
I ought to.
I should.
I could.
And yet, I cant.

Sometimes no matter how much you want to live life on your own terms, life reels you into a complicated maze that you just cant find your way out of. And the saddest part is the longer you keep wandering through the maze, trying to find your way out, the more life passes you by. Perhaps, I should just stop spending the rest of my life searching for a way out, and instead accept the constraints of the maze I am in, and just start living life now. In my today. Even if it is within the boundaries of this maze.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spring cleaning

Ever have one of those moments when life sucks so much, and everything stinks so bad that you just want to clean up the world and make it a better place to live in? You just want to wake up to a beautiful day, be a much more sunshiney person than you have been in weeks, and go out, reach out and touch someone's soul. You want to do something genuine and real and nice, simply because it makes someone else feel warm and loved and fuzzy inside, and you feel nice because you just made someone's day. It's a nice feeling to know that you in your own little way made a tiny bit of a difference to the world, that you brought a small bit of warmth to an otherwise cold, cold world.


Saturday, May 3, 2008

weather forecast

Monday: Dark and depressing.
Tuesday: Cloudy and gloomy.
Wednesday: Strong gusts of wind. Tornado watch in effect.
Thursday: Possibility of rain mixed with hell...erm...hail.
Friday: More dark and depressing.
Saturday: No real need to crawl out of bed.
Sunday: Occasional sunshine. Sun will peek out of the clouds today.

Not summer yet. But spring is here. And if it wasnt for the endless winter, I'd never even feel the warmth.

Sometimes, it has to get really bad before it can get really good. The rain will stop. The clouds will separate. Sunshine will fill my heart again. And if it doesnt, I'm packing my bags and moving some place tropical.

© ~vagabond~2008