Monday, April 20, 2009

The Longing

It tugs. It pulls. It frustrates. It yearns. It mourns. It weeps. It lashes out in anger. At the world. At me. It hopes. It dreams. It hurts. It bruises. It yells and screams.

The longing of a caged heart just to fly free.

~vagabond~ © 2009


Inner Vision said...

The longing of a caged heart just to fly free….beautifully said…

Cuckoo said...

No words required. You snatched words from me.

Winnie the poohi said...

Oh yes.. to fly free we all struggle :)

Just call me 'A' said...

many would identify with those few words. so much in so little.

Vamsee said...

:( You poor thing!! I have this uncontrollable urge to come and set the cage free!!

himani said...

It'very peotic.

and it left me "speechless"

Deepu said...

Huh, I disagree, my view is one's heart is always free to do as it chooses, but in following it the person is caged for "life" wat say?

~vagabond~ said...

@Inner Vision:
Thanks. :)

Words ARE required to leave a this your lazy excuse for never commenting? :P

~vagabond~ said...

Sometimes the struggle is necessary to define who we are...but it's no fun when life gets consumed in the struggle without really ever flying free :{

Do you identify with it too?

~vagabond~ said...

LOL. If only it was quite that simple. *hug* thanks though. :)

Thanks. I didnt intend for it to be poetic, it just ended up that way. But glad you like it. :)

~vagabond~ said...

The heart is always free to choose what it wants out of the options life presents it with. But sometimes the options are so limited that the heart is forced to settle for what it never wanted. Dont know if I make any sense at all.