Sunday, June 8, 2008


It was a quiet hike in the early hours of the morning. Not a soul around in sight. Just me, and the quiet trickle of the cold water sloshing around my feet. Every breath I took, every pebble I upturned, every sound I made, echoed and reverberated off the tall, grand canyon walls. I stood lost in the winding tunnels carved by time. Occasional sunshine filtering in. Silence pierced by the squawk of an eagle cruising the winds way up high. It could have been a cold, lonely walk, but we had each loneliness and I.

© ~vagabond~ 2008


PS. This is my contribution to Cuckoo's photoblog topic of the month.

Photo: Personal collection, taken on a hike down the Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah.

This image may not be reproduced without permission from the owner of this blog...and if you ask nicely, I may just say yes.


Cuckoo said...

Wow !! your photo is just very lonely and beautiful !! I envy you now to have visited this place.

Seeking permission.. If your photo is the winner this month, it is going to be published on my blog with a link.

OK, not seeking... but informing you. :D


~vagabond~ said...

LOL. Glad you like it, Cuckoo. I'll take you there if you take me to the Elephanta caves in your photo ;)
And yes, permission granted. :D

Cuckoo said...

Bas, itni si baat ?? :)

Take this and read from the beginning.

More photos on my web picasa.

P.S.- Can you pls enable the Name/URL option for commenting ? This blogger id will take you to my old blog.


~nm said...

Very nice pic Vagabond! Somehow I find it more of 'something to discover' rather than being 'lonely'. its like asking us to look beyond the end that we can see from this shot! Got what I meant?

hpy said...

Yes, I suppose that you can feel lonely in a place like this one.

~vagabond~ said...
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~vagabond~ said...

@cuckoo: Wow! Loved the post on Elephanta caves...makes me want to visit it and take photos there myself! LOL. Well, I guess I owe you one now. ;)
PS. Did make the changes on the commenting.
~nm: Thanks ~nm! :) It's hard to describe all the emotions I felt at that moment in that place...the excitement of discovery was one of essence of loneliness was another.
~hpy: Thanks for visiting! :)

abhijit said...

very nice pic. lovely place for rock climbing:-)

i wish there was a human element in your frame.

~vagabond~ said...

@abhijit: Thanks for visiting! :) I'm nowhere close to as talented a photographer as you are. Your photos are breathtakingly beautiful. I'm flattered that you left a comment here to encourage me in my own attempts at photography. And yes, there is a human element missing in the photo. For one thing, I'm not very good at it...I'm just attracted to taking photos of landscapes than people. I know, I's something I need to work on. And for another, as I mentioned in the post, I was the only human around there at that hour of the morning.