Saturday, May 24, 2008

In life, go right, then go left, then right some more.

Why can't we just spend an eternity living life exactly as we want to, doing just what we want?

Shouldnt life really be about truely living and not just surviving? When did it all become about making ends meet and doing what was expected of me? Whatever happened to purposeful living and not being stuck in a rut? When did I lose my idealism and settle down instead for a dose of reality? Whatever happened to waking up with a zest for life and making dreams happen?

I want to.
I ought to.
I should.
I could.
And yet, I cant.

Sometimes no matter how much you want to live life on your own terms, life reels you into a complicated maze that you just cant find your way out of. And the saddest part is the longer you keep wandering through the maze, trying to find your way out, the more life passes you by. Perhaps, I should just stop spending the rest of my life searching for a way out, and instead accept the constraints of the maze I am in, and just start living life now. In my today. Even if it is within the boundaries of this maze.



Dust Unsettled said...

I loved this blog... I've read each and every post... Keep writing and come out of this mood... Cheer up girl!!!!

~vagabond~ said...

Each and every one?! Holy crap!*horrified gasp and rushing to cover up all my crappy writing*

LOL. Thank you for your tolerance in reading me whine on and on. :)

Dust Unsettled said...

Yea... There's a freshness in each of the posts, so I just enjoyed reading them...

Have Blogrolled you... :)

Cuckoo said...

I have visited you earlier and have read you as well.
Some of the posts relate to me, me too have written similar stuff.

Thanks for dropping by my blog & blogrolling me.

Keep coming and sharing.


Iceman said...

reality... bites...
she's a bitch... ain't it?

frissko said...

Sometimes giving in a little leaves you feeling better about yourself than doing exactly what you want, no? Liked this post...

~vagabond~ said...

@Cuckoo: Loved your blog! Thanks for visiting mine. :)

@Iceman: Reality stinks. Somedays I want to bubblewrap mine and re-gift it out to someone else.

@ frissko: Sometimes. And then sometimes, you still just want to stomp your feet like a two year old and insist you want what you want out of life.

Thanks for your comments. Do keep visiting. :)