Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Faces from different places

There he is. The boy who once knew me for the little girl that I was. The one I hung around with over my holidays, playing marbles in the dirt, riding our bikes around the neighborhood. The one who taught me to swim by shoving me into the swimming pool. I thrashed and slapped the water. But today I can swim.

And that’s her. The girl who became my very best friend. The one who befriended the shy seven year old me when I first started school in Kenya. The one who helped me make friends. The one who loved goldilocks and the three bears just as much as I did. And believed me when I said fairies were real even when everyone else didn’t.

That photo right over there? The one taken the third year of high school.
The mary jane shoes. Polished and shiny black with white socks up to the knee. White shirt and a gray skirt with a navy blue blazer thrown on top. Complete with a matching blue tie slung loose around the neck. And we all collectively hated it. A bunch of awkward teenagers, searching for self-identity.

And that’s her. The one I keep telling you about. My teacher from high school. Who always dressed funny. The one with the big glasses, who once apologized to the trashcan. And yet the one who believed in my ability to achieve more than I dreamed for myself.

Him. Him. And her. My college buddies. The people I travelled around Kenya with. The ones I get together with even now, laughing uproariously into the wee hours of the night, remembering shared memories of camping adventures gone bad.

Faces collected in different places over time, brought together in one tight space. The collage that makes me me.

I just joined Facebook.

~vagabond~ © 2009


bindu said...

This is definitely better than the best ad Facebook can pay someone to come up with! Good one.

Just call me 'A' said...

:) as usual this has 'vagabond' stamp all over it :)

love your sidebar picture

Inner Vision said...

Nice to have you on facebook. And a good way to start of with. Well done...

~vagabond~ said...

LOL. It does sound like an ad doesn't it? :))

@'A' : thanks. What sidebar picture? The picture of dawn? click on it...it'll take you to my other blog. :)

@Inner vision: ...i was probably the last person left on the surface of earth who hadn't yet joined. :)