Sunday, February 1, 2009

A few moments with myself

Lately, I cant hear the voice of my soul speak to me. I miss our conversations. The searching, the dreaming, the creating something out of the nothing. Finding myself within myself. Discovering thoughts misplaced. Ideas forgotten. Dreams abandoned. Planning new journeys to undertake. Instead, a noisy chaos surrounded me. A blur of rushed activity. Overbearingly important and seemingly necessary yet meaningless and unuseful. As the noise from the chaos around me grew louder and more demanding, the hushed voice of my soul spoke softer and softer, growing tired and weary, fading away from a whisper one day into the stillness of a tormented silence. I missed the voice of my deepest expressions, the nurturing voice of my dreams, the voice of my innermost conscience, the voice that calls me to live life again and again. Lately, I've been straining to hear it speak to me again. I've begged and implored it to talk to me again. To speak louder that I might hear it above all chaos. When all I really needed to do was just to step away from the noise, to walk away from the chaos, and to just listen.

~vagabond~ © 2009


Just call me 'A' said...

hee hee heee.....i can only smile at this post...for when you say that you get me....i know that you do...because i get you too....:)..and i cannot give any advice or words of wisdom...carry on jeeves :)

Rolling said...

Glad you hear it again...a hug Vee, ...
what does Charlie like to eat? Write more about whats life like with the two of your pets.

Inner Vision said...

How many of us really do soul searching…Once again a good read. Thank you.

kunal said...

u in the end found the right way to listen to urself.
I guess we are all alike. Problems may differ but how we end up solving them remains same- walking lonely with ourselves.

Really a nice reminder of how life works

~vagabond~ said...

Told you to stop writing out my thoughts in your posts. LOL. Glad you can relate to my post just as I always relate to yours. We both have quite a bit of soul searching to catch up on. :)

~vagabond~ said...

I hear it but it's just so hard to do what it says. It's a bit of a freespirit, my soul is. :)

Charlie eats dog food. But he absolutely loves fruits. Apples and tangerines especially. He sniffs the air and sucks up to anyone who is eating an apple or tangerine. LOL. Glad you enjoyed the post on him...he'll creep into my posts again sooner or later. :)

~vagabond~ said...

@Inner Vision:

I think everyone has an inner voice that speaks to them...but not everyone takes the time to listen. It's not the listening that's always the hard part, it's the doing what your inner voice tells you to do that's the hardest part of it all.

Thank you for your nice comments, always. :)

~vagabond~ said...

I dont know if we're all similar or different. Some people search within themselves for solutions to their problems, others search around them, and then there are those who simply point fingers and assign blame for all the problems. LOL. Perhaps at different stages of our lives, we become all of these different people and it feels as though we're all so different and yet at the end of a lifetime we're all similar in that we've all been there, done exactly that.

Rolling said...

what did you make of The Alchemist?

Had been to watch DevD depending on Ahses' review. I liked it. Connexuin wth this post is, DevD's moments with himself, Chand's moments with herself are nicely portrayed :)

~vagabond~ said...

I loved the Alchemist...I read it several years ago and it still is one of my favorite books.

I havent watched Dev D...but now I'm really curious...will watch it soon.